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Aromatheapy Oils

As the busier months are upon us we require new ladies to join our team. We are always seeking reliable candidates who are professional and enthusiastic. Our people are our business and we require people with the right attitude to keep our company exciting and innovative!

We are actively searching for escorts to fill our full time, part time and temporary positions. If you are attractive and know how to react to different social situations, you may be the right for our team. 

What Elite Outcalls requires from you:


You must be 18 or older-no exceptions whatsoever

An upbeat and outgoing personality laced with a combination of charm and wit that will ensure our clients want to spend an evening with you. Bad attitudes will not be tolerated at any time during your employment with us.

You must be attractive

The ability to have fun in most any situation

Take good care of your body and general appearance.

Take a look at the lists above and be honest with yourself. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you have what it takes to become a Therapist with Singapore’s finest Outcall Massage. If your answer is yes, please contact us today and inquire about obtaining an interview. We don’t want to waste your time just as we don’t want ours wasted, if you feel any doubts about fulfilling the above qualifications, or are unsure about your capabilities, please don’t start the interview process. There are many young ladies vying for positions with Glamorous Outcalls and we don’t want anyone with a genuine desire to miss out.


Please email your relevant personal profile information to:

Please fill in the application form.

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