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We are Available 24 Hours. Simply call or text us at

make a reservation.

Cancellation policy: 


We apologies if any late cancellation arises within 1 hour before scheduled time, a penalty of $50 will be imposing for such event .


Important Note:


Cash payment. We accept SGD and all other foreign currencies


For booking - Location out of town area , there will be an additional transportation fee of S$20 to S$50.


Cancellation – Should there be any change or cancellations of appointment time, please call us at least 1 hour in prior to your booking time to avoid any cancellation fees.


Special Requirement – Should you request for a specific therapist, we will make every effort to accommodate your preference. 

All our therapists are professionally trained.


Health Considerations – Please advise us if you have existing physical or medical conditions so we can ensure proper care and treatment is provided.


We do not provide other sexual services.


Please allow our therapist to arrive within 30 minutes depend on traffic hours.

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