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Relaxing Massage

Swedish Massage In Singapore

At Elite Outcall Massage Service, we provide the best Swedish Massage in Singapore. The Swedish massage is a perfect way for anyone who is overly worked, stressed out, or suffers any muscle tensions or stiffness. It consists of a combination of few techniques (i.e. Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, Vibration, and Tapotement). This popular massage form is indeed a powerful massage to bring the body back into balance. Our well-known relaxation massage where you are central. These western massage styles use firm pressure and slow strokes that run along the muscles concentrated on certain areas of your body.


Healing your precious body, mind, and spirit! During a full-body Swedish massage session, our masseurs’ expert works their wonders by lubricating the skin with massage oil infusion and performs various massage strokes. These massage motions will warm up and soothe the muscle tissue, releasing tension and gradually breaking up muscle "knots" or adhered tissues. Throughout the massage session, you will sense the contrast between tension and relaxation. Feel how it is to be relaxed and calming. Experience your body with greater intensity and regain the balance between your body and mind. Sound interesting, right?


The result will relax all of the muscles in your body and release any pain that tension may exist. By relieving muscle tension, our full-body Swedish Massage can be both relaxing and energizing. Swedish Massage is proven beneficial to everyone as it can increase the flexibility of joints, pain relief, enable faster healing of strained muscles and ligament, improved blood, and lymphatic circulation. 


​Elite full-body Swedish Massage in Singapore letting you enjoy the experience of both mental and physical relaxation. Above all, a massage at Elite Outcall Massage Service is a gratifying experience. Simply call or text us at +6598645541 to make a reservation. We are dedicated to assisting you in times of need.

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