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Relaxing Massage

Four Hands Massage in Singapore 

If you are searching for Four-hands massages in Singapore, Elite Outcall Massage Service is the answer. During the massage session, our two experienced masseuses work on one client, often using synchronized moves. Simply put, a four-hand massage can be like experiencing two full-body massages at the same time. They will use relaxing, slow movements along with harder, warmer, and deeper movements to target specific areas around the body (i.e. Legs and back are massaged synchronously). This ensures a more intense experience of the massage. This is mainly because the whole body part is massaged at the same time, while with the traditional massage only one part or half is massaged at a time.


Where it’s all about YOU! As aforementioned, it's a unique type of massage therapy and puts your entire body and mind in a complete and deeper state of relaxation. This is because, throughout the therapy session, your brain stops thinking and focuses on the sensations which makes you feel fully immersed in the experience. The moment when your mind reaches the deeper relaxation zone, the rest of your body naturally follows.


For one, having four hands stroking your body simultaneously creates a sensory overload something that other massages cannot achieve. The massage has a relaxing and soothing effect and has a vital effect on the body. There are several different styles of four-hand massage. Four-hand massage is generally more expensive than other forms of massage since two masseuses must be compensated for their time and skill.


Undecided but curious? Wait no further. Imagine the sensation and exquisite pleasure of being pampered by our professional masseuses. Look no further. Step forward and try our signature Four-hands Massage therapy in Singapore! 

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