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Aromatheapy Oils

Sensual Erotic Massage


When it comes to a sensual erotic massage in Singapore, Elite Outcall Massage Service is second to none. We want to give excellent service to our clients and maintain our good reputation in this industry. Who are we without the client, right? Hence, come and experience soothing plus relaxing sensual erotic massage here with us. Let our experienced and highly skilled therapists massage your stress away and let you be on cloud 9. All you need to do is to enjoy and embrace the erotic massage and be in peace with yourself. You need it!



What you can expect from this massage session? Sensual massage is performed slowly and deliberately. We will be focussing on sexual stimulation especially on erogenous zones on your body. The healing touch will bring you happiness, pleasure and enrich your sexual life. Every Elite masseuse is unique and has her massage style but we have one goal in particular: to make you enjoy the delightful moment with us.


Within this type of erotic massages, touching isn’t restricted to certain areas of your bare body. Your body is massaged from head to toe including your genitals area with the finishing touch. Your nude masseuse will rub and knead every muscle and joint of your bare body with warm, aromatic massage oils. She will use several massage techniques until she finds which you enjoy the most. Since it sensual massage, your designated masseuse will be focussing more on your intimate parts. Try an erotic massage at least once and you'll understand why it's a real pleasurable experience that makes you go back again and again. And definitely, we want you to visit us as frequently as you can.


You’re almost there. Explore to experience sexual pampering via Elite sensual massage service in Singapore. We guarantee that you will never forget the contentment feeling you get from our massage.

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