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Mutual Massage Singapore

Rediscovering of Your Body. The whole idea of a mutual massage is to prompt you that there is a tantalizing sensation that is worth a try. Simply put, mutual massage means that both parties (client and masseuse) can reciprocate massage styles and arouse sensual pleasure towards each other. At Elite Outcall Massage Service, we provide a relaxing mutual massage that your body craving. Our massage service can be the perfect way to remove all the tension that you are carrying on your shoulders.


Close your eyes, enjoy and let our Elite masseuse do the wonders. Join us to unlock your mind and body to receive your extraordinary potential of sexual awareness. This experience can be very erotic for both parties as the customer and masseuse having sensual mutual touches and passion by applying our signature massage oil to maximize the pleasure of touching. It is indeed a completely bespoke experience led by your response to certain instigations towards your body.


The whole evening will be yours. You will enjoy your companion like you cannot find anywhere else. Sex after the mutual massage is also an option, but you must agree in advance. And more costs are charged for this. You can simply ask us for all the extra things. We can explain perfectly whether something is just part of the game or whether there are additional costs involved. Ultimately, you are the one who tells us exactly what you want, so that you can simply enjoy what you have reserved. As usual, your mutual massage therapy is at the discretion of your chosen masseuse.  


At Elite Outcall Massage Service, we will help to ensure the pleasure that you get from our mutual massage service in Singapore is truly reciprocal satisfying! Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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